Where To Meet Women

Back in college, meeting women was as easy as taking a course that would be populated by pretty girls. But as men get older, the places where you can find a girl can decrease. Check out some of these places where to meet women, and be on the lookout for the next chance to drop a visit. You might just spot your future wife.

Coffee shops

The cozy ambiance, the comfy chairs, and the oftentimes regular schedule of patrons hanging out in coffee shops may just be the best condition that would get you that chic girl at the corner’s number.


For working pros, the easiest way to meet women would be at work. However, romance at the workplace should be approached with caution. On the one hand, it’s convenient—you get to see and talk to her every day. But the flip side is you may be faced with a messy breakup and an awkward atmosphere if things don’t work out.

Friend’s party

Just like in college, attending a friend’s party can be an easy way to meet girls. The biggest advantage of this is that your friend can act as a bridge to introduce you to the girl that you like.


The many social media and dating sites have transformed the online scene into a convenient and accessible ground for meeting people. The biggest disadvantage with this would be the prolific scams. You can never be sure that that is her picture or that are her interests until you set a meet.


Instead of holing yourself in the gym—where you are in an unflattering position to meet women and vice versa—try running through a park every morning. You might just spot the occasional cute or athletic girl who’s also out for her a.m. jog.

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